Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Return of Running With Scissors

Hey guys! So I know I just posted something a couple days ago (hope you enjoyed my bahtahfahl face), but I wanted to make an update post to let y'all know about some things going on. So first off, it's February 2nd, which means it's a new month!! If MMGs were still around, that would mean a new gift, but they haven't been around for 3 1/2 years now :(  February 2nd also means it's Groundhog Day, which is kinda dumb in my opinion. A bunch of Americans all come to Philadelphia or wherever to go see a groundhog. And to see if he sees his shadow. WHY?! What is the point? That makes no sense whatsoever! Why is Groundhog Day still a thing?? Leave Puxatoney alone! Also, what's with that name? Get real people. If you're gonna worship a large rodent once a year, why on earth would you call him Puxatoney? I know of appoximately 0 people in the world who are named that. Come on. Plus, look at this fricken crap:
WHAT IS IT?? If there's that many groundhogs and predictions on if there will be more winter, then why do it?? Make up your mind, you dang groundhogs! Is it 6 more weeks of winter or early spring? I DON'T KNOW because FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE AND A HALF GOPHERS ALL SAID DIFFERENT THINGS!!

Whew. I need to take a chill pill. It's just Groundhog Day, Neros. No need to get worked up. ANYWAY! Yesterday was the beginning of a new month. I was actually going to post this yesterday on that new month, but if I did then you guys wouldn't get to see my Groundhog Day rant. Aren't I a nice person? Anyway, yesterday was the first day of the month, which usually means I do a new AJP Email List. But I've been kinda bad about doing that lately...
In case you can't see, that says that the last one I sent out was in July 2016. Whoops.
So I'm going to try to get back into that! In case you don't know, the AJP Email List is a thing I send out on the last day of every month. It contains 5 sections that are made up of Animal Jam updates from the month, jokes and poems, a story by me, and a game that I think y'all would enjoy. It's pretty cool! If you'd like to sign up for it, just go and sign up for it using that cute little contact box over on the right. It looks like this:
I'm gonna try and work on that and get it out by February 28th. So if you're signed up for it, you'll get it! Unfortunately, you do have to have a working email address to get it, but if you don't have a personal one then you can just use your school account (I don't look at the names, just the emails so I know who to send it to.) And if you're already signed up for it, you can unsubscribe and all the details for that are in the monthly email lists. I've been doing this for about 2 years now, and they're usually super fun! So just make sure you're signed up by sending me a quick email through that contact form. Anyway! I bet you're probably wondering about the title of this post if you haven't read my comic. And don't worry, I am not encouraging bringing back running withs scissors for children. That is not a good idea. I am also not talking about the Weird Al Yankovic album:
Also not a good idea. No! Bad Weird Al! Also, who runs like that? Like what is going on with his legs? I am getting sidetracked. Anyway, Running With Scissors is or *ahem* WAS a comic that I did weekly for about a year. And on August 29th of last year, I posted the 50th comic. Unfortunately, that was the only comic I've uploaded since then. So then I wanted to try and restart the comic in October, but I never got around to it. And then I wanted to restart it in January, but I never got around to it. SO! On this day, February 2nd, 2017, I am officially restarting Running With Scissors. It's kind of like a new year, new me thing, but I was a little late to the party. Therefore, since it is a new month, February, I am going to be posting weekly comics every Monday this year until Christmas, just like I did in 2015-2016. And I am going to send out my email list on the last day of every month, just like I did in 2015-2016. I am a changed woman! Yesserooney! And I have more things to talk about, so hold your horses. You know that mysterious background that I put up for a couple days and then it disappeared?
Yeah, that's the one. Well, I do that every 1.5 years, starting in January 2014. Then it was July 2015, and this was the third time, in January 2017. It's always at the end of those months for a short period. (January 21st, July 30th, January 30th, etc.) As for the meaning of it? Well, it will all become very clear in a matter of years, so stay tuned. :)

Also, about the posting schedule of this blog- (sorry, this post is all over the place I know- but stay with me here!) I am going to try and do one update post, one whatever post (like the comic mysteries, Hate and Swearing Part II, Neros's Favorite Weird Websites, 12 Facts About Me, etcetera etcetera) and one Animal Jam post per month, for a total of 3 posts per month. I think that's about right. I want to start drifting away from Animal Jam though because even though I love it, I'm getting older and it's starting to not really be geared towards my age group anymore. Plus, they just take SO LONG and it takes me a minimum of a week to complete (some even take upwards of a month) so I really can't do more than 1 a month. So don't worry- I will still do AJ posts, just not as frequently. And my next Animal Jam post is going to come on Valentine's Day, so be prepared for THAT! Anyway, this post was kind of a complete mess. But I wanted to tell you that my posting habits will become better in 2017, now that I have an actual schedule to work by. I'll post that schedule somewhere on the sidebar. Speaking of the sidebar, (AGGGHHH NEROS YOU'RE SO BAD AT TRANSITIONS) I'm going to retire the "Codes" page. It's served some good use, it was actually the first page I made on here back in May 2013, but I haven't updated it since 2015 and honestly I can't keep up with that kind of pressure. Plus, like I said, I'm starting to drift away from Animal Jam and I can't do that by updating a page frequently with all the new promo codes. Sorry, I just can't do it. I admire other Animal Jam blogs that keep their Codes page updated, but that's just not for me. So if you notice that page is missing from the pages list, now you know why. Anyway, I'm gonna go now! Maybe you enjoyed this ranty mess of a post? I don't know. Thanks again for 100k, still crazy to me to believe that we hit that number so quickly. Bye, have a wonderful week, and see you on Valentine's Day with an extra special post ;)


  1. We should rename Groundhogs day to Giant Rodent Meteorologist day.

  2. Is it okay that I store hogs and in the ground?

  3. I understand how you are drifting away from animal jam; I kinda am too. I mean, I sorta quit for like 3 months ,but I came back because my little sister was playing it and wanted a item I had. I am playing again but, not as often as I used to.(animal used to be my life, youtube is now). I just wish that even after you stop playing animal you will continue this blog. - Catdog347(ThatOneKidWhoExists)

  4. i want to eat all of the potatos

    1. Nu O-O Please don't. They are too beautiful to die...

      ' '

  5. Why don't we have groundhogs here in the UK :'( those majestic creatures



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