Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Hi guys! So you may be wondering where the heck I am and where is that post I promised. Well! Guess whose computer decided to break again?
Yep! You guessed right! Iiiiit's mine! Boyhowdy isn't that just great? Man, I actually have no idea why this keeps happening. This is the third time. Jeez. Well, the last two times were within 3 months of each other, so that's worse I think. Anyway, if you're new to this blog or started reading it sometime in 2016 and wondering what the actual heck I'm talking about, I'll fill you in:

So, in September 2015, the computer that I've been using forever suddenly died on me. And then in December 2015, it happened again, causing me to not be able to write posts (except when I'm supposed to be working on the computers at school, like right now) until my dad fixes it. You can look up those posts if you want to know the full story behind those first two times, but I won't get into it here. What happened this time was that my dad unplugged the actual computer part, not the monitor, to fix it, and it didn't turn on after he plugged it back in. Anyway, I'm boring you. The point is that computers are annoying and posts will be delayed! Sorry about that. When it's working again I'll let ya know! Bye!


  1. Hi Neros! Sad hearing about your computer :c

    But fotunatley, you've been nominated for March's Blogger of the Month! Good Luck!

  2. Evil computer goblins are at it again... I know your pain.... Well sorry about that problem, but I just need to speak of the new Phil video. I feel really sorry for the poor bean... Well time for the real news... I... Well... Saw... A... (if you are triggered by a thing that rhymes with lisk look away now) Whisk... The horror, the horror. I know, I know you maybe wondering how came upon the, a, well thing. Well it was in baking class okay... Please comfort me in this time of need. ( hopefully you know the reference I am making or I sound crazy) Well I need to go and watch all of the Dan and Phil sim videos again. Bye.

  3. Somebody isin't doing that well staying alive.

    1. Oh no, what's wrong? Are you okay? I hope so. Remember you can always talk to me :)


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