Wednesday, March 22, 2017

JUNE 23RD, 2011

First off, before this post begins, I'd like to say that I got my computer fixed! Well, not exacty fixed. But my dad got a new one. It's big and silver and weird looking. Here's a picture:
The old one is lying under it, like a slain dragon. RIP computer, you will be missed.

Anyway, onto the post!

I AM BEING HAUNTED. But not by a ghost or a demon... by a DATE. No, not that kind of date you crazy people, an actual date, like a day. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE IT IS?!!!?! Oh. I just told you. In the title. WELL YOU WERE RIGHT! IT IS JUNE 23RD, 2011!!! No, the current date is not June 23rd, 2011. Be quiet! This is so weird, it's been happening to me all day. EVERYWHERE I LOOK THIS DATE IS THERE! IT IS HAUNTING ME I TELL YOU! (Okay, you're probably thinking I've gone insane. And you're half right. But just let me explain.) Let me tell you the tale of last Saturday, when this all happened. *harp music plays*

So, it all started a couple days ago when I was reading a Big Nate book from a couple years ago (because I'm an edgy teenager who doesn't take nothing from no one) and during one story arc, I noticed one where Nate mentioned the current date. Which I bet you can guess.

Yep, there it is! Our beloved date. But if you think that's where it stops, ohh no. It gets a lot weirder. So, because it was Saturday, I was doing very important things like sitting in bed and watching YouTube on my phone all day. Here is a dramatic recreation:
This took me far too long to draw. Also apparently I have one arm.
And as I was doing this important task, I was scrolling through my Subscriptions tab. Because, ya know, ya gotta checkthe people you subscribe to to see their new videos. And so there I went, expecting a bunch of new videos. However, I stumbled across this...
Look at that! It's Fetus Felix. Giving us a hug. How sweet! But why the heck would this be in my subscribtions tab?! Apparently it's being recommended to a lot of people all of a sudden. I think maybe this video was private before and he recently made it public... I don't know. In any case, I decided to watch it, and it was all nice! PewDiePie really has changed in the last 5 years.
I was like WOAH! What a coincidence! I just read that date in that comic the other day! What are the chances?? Wowie! Golly gee! That's really weird! And then it got weirder. After I finished that video, I decided to load up another, more recent, PewDiePie video (from today). Today he was playing a game called Get Even, and it was all fine and dandy until about 4 minutes in...
THE HECKING DATE IN WHICH THE GAME IS SET. AHHHHH!! DO YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN?! It's haunting me! Everywhere I go! It's like a horror movie, I can't escape it! And I thought it was over after that. OHHHHH NO! I decided to watch more YouTube and move away from PewDiePie for a while. So I clicked on an older video from theodd1sout. Do you know him? He makes animated videos and comics about interesting and strange times in his life. Kinda like Danisnotonfire but animated. Anyway, I clicked on this video and it was all fine and dandy up until about 2 minutes in. When he was talking about a comic that he had made. And in that comic, it mentioned a date.
I paused the video and just stared at it for like a solid 2 minutes. I was like "No. No. That can't be! There's no way!" I am still in shock. How does this happen to someone??? Did I do something to upset the time gods and now they are cursing me with this date? It's so weird! And such a random date, too. Why would a cartoonist, a video game team, a YouTuber, and another YouTuber mention this one date from 5 years ago, all at different time periods? Because the Big Nate was written before 6/23/2011, but he wrote it to be published on that day; PewDiePie just unprivatized a video that was uploaded (and probably recorded on, going off of the bad quality of it) on 6/23/2011; the video game people most likely have been working on their game for at least a year, so they chose that date in 2015 or 2016; and theodd1sout just happened to mention that date in one of his comics, and he just happened to mention that comic in a video, that I watched!! I'm telling you, it's fate. Hmm...I wonder what happened on June 23rd, 2011 in the world.
Um... what?
Oh my dear lord.
Okay! I am sticking with my original theory that this is a curse. Apparently a lot of terrible things happened on Thursday, June 23rd, 2011. And so many news stories! What's really weird is that- did you notice?- all of them were published within this month. THIS MONTH! 5 and a half years later, multiple news stories are all being covered about the same date. That is really freaky. Also- that was really a terrible day for a lot of people. Some guy's wife died, someone was shot during a 2am break-in, something with feral hog meat (???), 2 people died when a tree fell on them, someone got his $3,000 watch stolen, a cop choked someone to death, and a company lost a bunch of money. So many deaths! What is going on? I mean, at least 10 people die, and all the news reports on it now, 5 years later? Weird. Let's get the X-Flies on this! DOO DOO DOO DOO!! Maybe it's a sign! Maybe I'm going to die! That would suck. I'd rather avoid dying. If I don't post in April guys, you know what's happened. Oooh! I have an idea! Let's see what I looked like on June 23, 2011!
Well, I couldn't find a picture of me from June 23rd, but this is from June 24th. Look at those sunglasses! I was a snazzy kid. Anyway, I've probably upset the time gods too much by posting this, and they're probably going to smite me pretty quick. Whoops! Anyway, if you enjoyed this/are totally weirded out by it, leave a comment! I like to read you guys's feedback and opinions. See ya next time!


  1. Oh, you know the Odd1'sout(James) too? Cool beans. Gotta love that guy. Do you also know Jaiden animations? She is friends with James and they did a few colabs so, you probably do. So, ya. I do the same thing on Saturdays too which is great. I am also like sick right now so, I am at home enjoying life not at school and ya.

  2. Omg Neros this is so funny and creepy. :'D I love that guy's videos. Theodd1sout. Wow, a lot happened on June 23, 2011. Hmm, what was I doing that day? I can't remember. Maybe I was graduating elementary school lol. And yes, very relatable feel of lying in bed watching YouTube videos on your phone for hours. Can relate. ;D

  3. I just found you and your blog and I'm loving it ahhaha. It's for sure one of funniest ones I've seen so far, and I've seen LOTS of blogs. If you wouldnt mind, I'd love for you to stop by and visit mine sometime!

  4. Hi Neros! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I think it's really good, but haven't been bothered to comment... ._. Sorry. So, yeah. Keep writing on this blog! It's amazing! +_+ <------- Some creepy clown I just made up then.


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