Thursday, April 20, 2017


Look at this man.
This man is named Hugo Gernsback, and here he is in 1963 with his new invention, the TV Glasses. Isn't that awesome? Doesn't he look great, all suited up with his amazing new invention? Of course he does! Now look at this idiot.
First of all, he looks like he just swallowed something out of his parent's medicine cabinet. Can you make a weirder expression, dude? His forehead is so big you can't even see his hairline. Anyway, just look how stupid he looks. He probably got $100,000 from his parents to go to college and this is what he spent it on instead. Look at him wearing some dumb product that isn't even his. I mean, just look at that weird thing over his left eye! It looks so ugly! Just look at it on other people!
Just look at these two fools. What are you laughing at, lady? Spoiler alert: it's not funny! Unless you count your stupid-looking face, that's pretty funny. And that guy on the bottom, thinking he's all cool. Well you're not, dude! Look at those caterpillar eyebrows. You could start a rug plantation with those eyebrows. Anyway, this is probably the ugliest piece of STOLEN technology I have ever seen. And yes, I did say stolen. Remember that guy I showed you at the beginning? Like 45 seconds ago? Yeah, him! Well, HE invented these so-called "google glasses" first, 50 years before those bozos at Google went and made some! Just look at his patent:
Gosh diggity hecking darn, this makes me mad. Why can't good ol' Hugo get the recognition he deserves?? #justice4hugo2017 Anyway, you're probably wondering what kind of loopy drug I'm on to make such a random post such as this one, so here's the story: I was working on a presentation for my French class about Luxembourg. And when I looked up famous people from Luxembourg, this guy showed up. I then did a little more research and badabing badaboom! See, it's not that hard to understand. Is it? Anyway HAPPY420KTHANKSBYE


  1. Replies
    1. It sure is. So are all the other people. Google needs to start choosing some normal-looking models.

  2. That's a bit mean...

    1. I do not care. JUSTICE FOR HUGO!!


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