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Edit 1: This has nothing to do with the post, but TODAY IS MY EMO DAD, GERARD WAY'S 40TH BIRTHDAY AND I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE *aggressively puts on eyeliner

Edit 2: Sorry to keep editing this, but I wanted to point out that it's been exactly a year since I started marking the countries that look at this blog, for archival purposes. And there have been 84 separate countries! Yes, EIGHTY-FOUR! In only a year! That's insane. So many different types of people. I really feel so lucky that this blog took off and that amount of people are seeing what I make. I really appreciate it. :) Now enjoy the post!
Well hello there! How are you today? I'm doing greeeeat. WELCOME TO AN UPDATE POST! It's currently Monday, April 3rd, 2017, and I'm feeling pretty frickin' zazzed. (heh heh) It is finally Spring Break!! When does your school have spring break? My district is the literal last one ever to have their spring break, it didn't even start until the last day of March. Yikeroonies. (I have invented so many new variations of words, I should be a linguist! They need me in those kinds of jobs!) Anyway, this update post is going to cover, let's say, a wide variety of topics. Like the good old days!
So. Where to begin? Well, Animal Jam got an update worth talking about, so that's cool! They added a new game (I have no idea when, since I haven't logged in for 3 months) and it's REALLY stressful. This may be old news now, I don't know, but it's called Fast Foodies and it's basically a version of those "Papa's ___aria" games that everybody played when they were 9. You know, where there's a bunch of customers and they're all coming at the same time and want a different thing and if you wait too long they get impatient? Yeah, that! Well, like I said, this one is super stressful. But look, there's different levels!

Noice! Let's try out the first one!
Oh cool, it's basically like what I just described! And you have to get to 60 gems. Got it. Here we go!

Well that was easy! Let's try a couple more.
Alright alright alright! Pretty easy game so far! You have 2 fruits to give to people as well as some pineapple shells (?) to put the fruits in. Weird, but okay. So what's so stressful about this game? How about EVERYTHING.
First of all, they put in a blender which takes about 500 years to blend up stuff. It's so annoying. Especially when you have 4 animals at once all wanting a different smoothie. CALM DOWN WILL YE! It was better in the actual Juice Hut when, ya know, people made their OWN smoothies. And these customers are so impatient, they get annoyed super fast! And then they don't tip me as much! And, ya know, I need that cash money. I want to buy a Lambo. Anyway, they also put in FIVE FRUITS! Who needs 5 fruits?! I didn't even know there WAS five fruits in the world! Good lord! Also, they added in coconut shells to put people's fruit in. Why on earth do you want your fruit in the shell of another fruit?! Just get a bag like a normal person for Christ's sake! Why do you have to put your single blueberry in a coconut shell? And yes, there are several people that simply asked for a single blueberry.
If I went into a shop and went "Please sir, can I please have a single blueberry" they would either look at me really weirdly or kick me out of the shop. Also, why are you only giving me 10 seconds to give you your blueberry?! You can see all the other people around me! Impatient people, man. They really get on my nerves. Also, this person was really into kiwis:
They want half a kiwi, a kiwi smoothie, and a pineapple shell filled with kiwi slices. Well, whatever you're into, buddy. I'm not gonna judge. Just taht would be a lot of kiwis. Don't you want to diversify a little? I mean, I have 5 fruits- no, no, I said I wouldn't judge. Look at what this game has degraded me to! Reasoning with randomly generated computer game characters! Great! HEY LOOK AN ACHIEVEMENT!
Saucier! Well Animal Jam, I don't know what sauce you're referring to, because I don't see any around here. And I certainly don't see a chef's hat. I think your achievements are misinforming me of the job I'm really doing. Oh hey look another achievement!
Yeah, again, I'm really not a waitress here. I'm just giving impatient animals fruit. The most waitress-like thing I'm doing is handing it to them. Also, the knife and fork? Where do you see a knife and fork in my workspace? You don't need a fork to eat an orange! Animal Jam, ya need a new achievement-namer person! OH HEY LOOK ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT!
Oh my god, how many times must I tell you?! There's no menu, all the animals just know what they're going to order when they come in! And then they very rudely vocally count down for me, according to their speech bubbles. So while I'm getting their kiwi smoothies for them, they're just standing there hovering over me and saying "TWENTY-EIGHT. TWENTY-SEVEN. TWENTY-SIX. TWENTY-FIVE." It's very disconcerting actually. Imagine that in real life!
Yikes. (D'ya like the added touch of the guy's puke green shirt? Puke green is the ugliest color.) Anyway, let's look at some of the customers, see what kind of demographic I'm feeding here.
Well look at that, the squad's all here! Mr. Coolasheck Panda S. Shark Fin, Hardcore Punk Rock Elephant, and Lion With Boots. And Panda's ordering first, because he's kind of the weakling of the group, but his bigger, more tough friends are always just a step behind him. Just in case I try any funny business.
If you think about it, Animal Jam is so weird. A bunch of random animals from completely different parts of the world all converging into one spot and talking to each other. It's really quite a strange environment. Think about it- a seal, a giraffe, and a sloth all hanging out at a beach, covered with colorful patterns and clothing items. It's really weird. If you edited all of the animals into real life (which I don't have time for right now, but just imagine it) you would notice how strange it was. A koala would never meet a penguin! A koala's from Australia and an Arctic penguin is from the South Pole. The only way the two would meet would be through human contact (in a zoo or another way), and furthermore, with the different lands in Animal Jam, most animals couldn't survive on all of them. Except maybe a cockroach. A seal would last maybe a day in Appondale. The animals simply aren't suited to something that isn't their natural habitat, and certainly not one that's the opposite of their natural habitat. Wow, this started off as a simple update post and it got into debating the realness of Animal Jam...okay! Let's talk about something else. As it says in the title, I finally got a Snapchat!
This was the original Snapchat icon, but for some reason they decided against it. As you can see, it has a nice design, clean, sharp colors, and just all-around a great work of art. I don't know why they didn't keep this for the app.
What? It says Snapechat in the title? Eh, I'm not going to change it. Maybe it's a way for fans of Severus Snape to talk with each other or something. RIP Dumbledore♡ Anyway, my username is neros12346, yes- neros12346 because for SOME reason, neros1234 was taken. Which one of you took it?! I'm kidding, it probably wasn't one of you. The same thing happened with YouTube.
And Instagram.
I have no idea who those people are, but the YouTube is apparently German and has one video, uploaded in November 2007, and I have no clue about the Instagram. (Cesar?!) Oh, I have an idea- let's translate the German on the YouTube video, maybe that'll give us something!
Hmm. Neros1234, the sick freak (obviously) destroys a laptop. That sounds like my kind of video! (It's basically just that, three German brothers who are like 9, 11 and 13 I'm guessing are fighting and one freaks out and throws his brother's laptop out a window. Then the brother hits him with a baseball bat. 2007 was weird, man...) Anyway, back to Snapchat. I decided to make one because why not and also I'm probably the last person ever to get a Snapchat so I figured why not? So if you want to send me something or talk to me, then you can at my handy dandy Snapchat account! Again, that's neros12346, without the 5. Here was the first Snapchat that I sent:
Ah ha ha. Um. Let's talk about something less disturbing, shall we? Not braces on your tongue. (It haunts me at night.) Well, for one, I changed the music again!
I just added one song this time, another one from Twenty One Pilots. An oldie but a goodie, from their album Regional At Best in 2011. Actually, all of the songs on there are relatively old. (I just figured it out, and there's 2 from 2006, 2 from 2007, 1 from 2008, 1 from 2010, 2 from 2011, 2 from 2012, 2 from 2013, and 1 from 2014. So 2011 isn't actually that old compared to the others.) I did a big revamp of the music back in January, completely redoing it with less Owl City. (I was kind of insane back in the day.) Forest is such a good song, I hope y'all like it. The reason I put it there at the beginning was because it's a generally more happy song than Ode To Sleep and OTS also has some creepy (but hecking AWESOME) synths at the beginning, and I like people to be happy and cheerful when they enter my blog. Okay, I am boring you! Sorry, I went into Technical Music Neros Mode there for a minute. ONTO THE LAST THING!
I don't think I've mentioned this before which is a pity, but 2017 HAS GOTTEN SOME CRAZY VIEWS DUDES! February got almost 5,000 views, March got 6,500 views, and April already has 2,005! 2005 was a different time. Full of MySpace and weird products. Anyway, in case you didn't notice, WE HIT 110,000 VIEWS!! Like a long time ago! Because now we have 117,000! Whoops!
Wow, that number still seems so huge. I can't believe we made it to 100,000 views, that's just crazy. Well, thank you all so much for 110,000 views- I say it every time but I really do appreciate it. It's so meaningful to me to know that there are real, genuine people out there reading what I wrote, and that really validates me, you know? You guys help me get through my days and I hope I can do the same for you. I love this community here on AJP and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Even though I'm starting to outgrow Animal Jam, this blog will always be here and I will always write posts for it because I love writing and I love y'all. There's so many different people that have passed by this blog at one point or another during the almost four years of its existence, and that's really beautiful. 117,000 (and counting) different people all coming together to unite over one core topic- that's just amazing. Thank you. But in the mean time (or I guess I should say MEME TIME HAAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH) IT'S TIME FOR THE OL' MEMEOFTHEDAY!!!
Wow. RIP James. That was a hilarious pun though, I'm telling you, James can really nail 'em! Too bad he's dead now and can't make any more of those puns. Sad :'( Well, it's his own fault for hanging out with a bear. Also he was old, he was ready to die anyway. We'll always remember James in our hearts and our spirits. Anyway, thank you for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it, leave a comment if you did. Have a beariffic day (Get it? Beariffic? HAHQAHAHAHAHAHAHGAHAH) and I will see you in the next post, ya sick freaks!


  1. Hi Neros! This post was really good (as always)! Keep up the... um... blog-writing-ness!

  2. Hey! You are not ded! Cool beans. Anyway can you believe danny boi and Philly are moving!? LiKe b0i. I mean it is fine because they are still gonna be roomies but just still. It is for the better tho, that old aparment was dangerous for our smol beans. (btw you watch yuri on ice or nah? Do you like anime?)


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