Friday, August 11, 2017

A word on motivation (+ 140,000 VIEWS?!??!?)

Hey guys! I know it's been such a long time since I've updated this blog, and instead of coming back with another jam-packed crazy-long post like I've done before, I've decided to give you instead an apology and an update as to what's going on with me and the blog right now. So, as you might have noticed, I've been posting less and less every year.
But before you get your hibbles in a jibble, that's not necessarily a bad thing! As I've said before, I pride myself on valuing quality over quantity, like what I was posting back in 2013. Like, for example, look at this garbage post:
It was so short it fit in one screenshot. Back then when I was just starting out, I was more focused on getting one post out every single day, and usually that just involved a new item added to the stores because there wasn't much else to cover on a daily basis. Later, I realized that I didn't want to do things that way and that just wasn't enough to keep people around. (That above post only got 20 views, each post now gets over 500!) But now I've learned from my mistakes, and I've grown as a person and you can see that growth through each post I made, which is pretty darn cool! However, there is such a thing as too little posts, and I think that's what I've fallen into this summer. I think a perfect amount of posts is 2-3 real long ones and 1 shorter update post per month, and obviously I didn't post at all in July, and only once in June.

Believe me, I didn't like the sort of unbeknownst hiatus that was hanging over my blog either. Once I posted that update post in June, I thought for sure that I would be more motivated to write posts now. But it never happened. I knew full and well exactly what and when I was supposed to be writing things, and I tried to start posts several times, but I just couldn't do it. It made me feel tired and unmotivated to even think about writing a huge gigantic post again, and I never got past the opening. I felt so bad about it. Here I was, promising that all these things were going to happen, but somewhere my brain just fell off track...

Two years ago, in the summer of 2015, I think that was my best posting schedule so far. I would do a regular, medium-length post every other day that mostly included my take on the news in Animal Jam (with plenty of wacky drawings to go along with it) or other things stuck in my head that I wanted to talk about. Sure, those posts weren't very long like nowadays, but they were consistent, and I miss that consistency sometimes. In fact, I don't even know how I could be so consistent, because there were a lot of troubling things going on in my life that summer. Perseverance, I guess.

However, I think I got off to a bad start in that update post back in June. I set too many goals and expectations for myself, and ended up causing a lot of mental anguish (and a lot of unpublished post drafts), so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to take another look at all the planned posts, and see if they are actually doable and when you guys can expect them. So here it is!

  • Animal Jam Potato Contests- Yes!! Should get that started in November or December.
  • Comic mystery- YES! I really love doing the comic mysteries, they're my favorite type of post right now, and I really hope you guys are enjoying them too. I have one already written, but there's another one coming too. I hope to get that out by late August/early September, but no promises.
  • Other posts- I don't know. I'll play it by ear. I do want to do something for Halloween, so maybe a couple posts for that. I don't know, I'll have to see how it goes.
  • Something I didn't mention before, but another Ask:Reply!! I've been meaning to do another one of those for so long now, because I love reading your comments. You guys always make me smile when you comment, and I want to formally recognize them in another post again. I'll be collecting those in the next few weeks, so comment if you want yours to be in there!
  • HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT- Well, obviously I didn't do that on June 30th, but it's still coming! And it's quite a bittersweet announcement, but one I feel I have to make. Coming soon-ish.
So there you go! Man, immediately after writing that my conscience felt better. The anxiety of just leaving my blog blank for 2 months just kept building, and I'm glad that you guys are on the same page as me now. I swear, I was in such a struggle between wanting to finally post again and not having the energy to write a crazy energy-filled post that would take me a week to write. I just didn't want to start a project like that because I was so unmotivated, and this is the first time I've been properly motivated to write a post, so I'm grateful for that! Now it's time to talk about the views. THE VIEWS! THE VIEWS HAVE BEEN CRAZY! So, here's a little background. I can check how many pageviews this blog got each month, which I usually do quite frequently, and it usually gets between 2,000 and 4,000 per month. But because of my procrastination/guilt over not making posts, I hadn't been checking them. And they just absolutely FLEW!
So, first off, I was super proud of us for reaching an all-time high in January with 8,000. That was unbelievable at the time and still is, really! But usually what happens when we hit a sudden huge number like that is the views go down real fast. I don't know why, but you can see from the spikes in the graph that it happens quite frequently. Each spike is a higher number than before, and that's so cool, man. I love watching this blog grow. However, the one from January didn't wear off, it just kept going! February was less, but it was still almost 5,000; March was over 6,500; April was also over 6,500; May was SEVEN thousand; and June was.... get ready for it....OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!

Sorry. I know that's a totally dead meme, but I've always wanted to say that and I FINALLY GOT THE CHANCE! But yes, this blog clocked in at a NEW RECORD of 9,131 pageviews! All right! Pat yourself on the back, guys! Sorry I'm geeking out over all these stats, I'm just always in awe of how many people there are who read my content. It still blows my mind that there have been over 100,000, that's completely nuts. And if you're thinking "well Neros, regular Youtubers get more than that many views on just one video" then SHUSH! Let me have my fun! Plus, the stats n YouTube are different than on Blogger. You have to actually click on something and read it for it to count as a view. If you watch one second of a YouTube video but refresh the page 100 times, that would count as 100 views. (more, even, because there's double view logs and other broken things like that) A lot of my YouTube videos have more views than my posts, and I don't even post on there very often. It's just a completely different way of counting the views. I do think I have a guess as to why the sudden surge of views in June, and it might have been because people were looking for the content I promised! If that's the case, I'm so sorry!! I feel really bad now. Again, all that stuff I promised is still coming, just delayed to a more manageable pace for me and my sanity. But back to the views! 
In all the confusion, I hadn't realized we surpassed not only 120,000, not only 130,000, but A HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND PAGEVIEWS since I last did a post about that back in April! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! And I know I've used that term to describe the views before, but this is really spectacular! This is the most my blog has ever grown in such a short amount of time, period. I told you all them pageviews would add up! I don't even know how to describe how much this means to me, and the huge THANK YOU that is due to every single one of you. I'll start with this:
This is the number of people that visited AJP from May 2013 to September 2016. And now, only 10 months later, we have nearly doubled that. It took almost 4 years to reach 100,000, and in 9 months we are nearly halfway to 200,000. That is absolutely wonderful. 

Again, I'm sorry I'm freaking out about the stats of my blog, I just get real excited about this stuff. Also it's 4 am and I should probably go to bed. But I want y'all to know that you did it! This community is ever growing and I appreciate every single one of you for just reading what I've made. Oh, and to anyone commenting- I read every single one of your comments because I get an email every time you do so, so even if I don't respond your comment was not in vain!! That's one of the reasons I want to bring back Ask:Reply, it's to give your lovely comments a proper answer! :D Oh, and I have one more thing to announce:
I FINALLY UPDATED THE FUN STUFF PAGE!! This one was a long time coming; I hadn't added anything new since 2014! (yikes) So, without further ado... Introducing the new and improved Fun Stuff Page! Here's what's new:
I added some cute little penguins! They waddle across their ice flow and follow your mouse! (and apparently walk on mountains, according to the one in the top left)
I replaced the blue sloth (he didn't do anything) with a much more interesting kitten modeled after my own cat, Simon! I wrote a song about him, it's on my album E! (shamelessselfpromotionforthewin) This kitten also follows your mouse, and you can feed him a little tin of cat food or play with a stick, a ball and a string. It's pretty fun to play with, knock yourself out!
And last but not least, I finally added a new game! It's called Divide, it has 28 levels, and it's pretty fun! It takes a while to load (jesus christ kongregate, we get it) but other than that it's just a fun, mildly challenging chill-out game. Takes about 15 minutes to finish the game, but there's  fun END at the end to cut up (that sounds weird, but youll get it if you finish the game) and it's got a lot of replayability. Anyway, just thought I'd let y'all know that I added more fun stuff to the Fun Stuff page, and you can visit it here:

Okay, I think that's it! My computer is....can you guess... BROKEN AGAIN :D so I'm using a crappy laptop at the moment, but my dad should get a new one up and running AGAIN. Jesus, what is this, the fifth computer I've gone through? No, this'll be the SIXTH. Good lord. Here is a list of all the other posts I've had to make because of my dying computers:

Fifth one: This post lol

Yes I know no one's going to actually click through all of those links. But I wanted to give a visual example of how frustrating it is when your computer breaks all the time. Ugh. Well, my rant is over, and I do hope you enjoyed it, as always. I'm sorry again that I didn't post all summer and that last post never developed. Oh, one more thing- it's my birthday today!! Or it was my birthday yesterday. It's currently 4:39 AM on August 11th, and my birthday's August 10th. But yeah, I'm officially 15! That's pretty exciting! Do any of you guys have August birthdays? If so, more power to ya! We're twinsies! And if you're not an August baby, then here's a high-5 for making it through this whole post, from Jimmy Fallon to me to you:
See you next time, guys.


  1. Hello! it's me, Elizaboo1104. I changed my name. I kinda lost intrest in AJ for a while, but now i'm back. RN I'm obsessed with making Pokemon masterpieces, but, yeah. Iv'e changed ALOT. I used to be so girly (cringe), but now i'm a tomboy. Bye!
    (btw check out my masterpiece gallery)

    1. Okay, good to know! Glad to have ya back!

  2. please dont quit,the AJ Blogging community is getting lower and lower everyday,we cant afford to lose another great blog!

    1. Thank you, that really means a lot to me. Don't worry, I'm not quitting anytime soon! I've got another Animal Jam post on the way. It just takes me a while. Thanks for the nice comment :)

  3. eyyyy long time no see neros, I'm glad your back!


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