Fun Stuff

The Fishies have relocated! They are now on this page.

It's a Chicken smoothie fish!

 Owl flies around AnimationAAAHHHH SPAZZY OWL
Owl peeks out Animation<----this one's so cute, he's just like "Hello!"
Two owls sit Animationowl and owl sitting in a tree, B-L-I-N-K-I-N-G!
Dear runs 2 AnimationThis one's spazzy too.
Santa on reindeer AnimationThis must be how Gramma felt like before the reindeer incident.
Reindeer skates 2 AnimationThis is why reindeer don't skate.
Reindeer sings AnimationWut.
 Penguin AnimationPENGAWINA!!!!!!!
 Happy penguin AnimationOh my.
Penguin 3 AnimationHello! It is impossible for me to move my head!
Cube flies AnimationThe square went over the half-rainbow, the square went over the half-rainbow, the square went over the half-rainBOWWWWWWW.....just to do it again.
 Taban AnimationWoah! It's a cup with a never-ending drink!
Bad dino AnimationRar.
 Creep AnimationShould I be scared?
Bruno AnimationIt looks like he's saying "Bob" over and over and over again.
Hat 3 AnimationAgain: wut.
Mountain climbing AnimationThat's a long wall you're climbing up, lizard....
Smurf jumps AnimationStop eating so much beans!
Here's one of my favorite games:

Flash Games
Where's Derpy? 3 by pepperpunk on deviantART


  1. santa game is fun! :D
    -hawkstar8179 :)

  2. i just joined CHicken Smoothie by user is RaspberryKitty. :)

    1. Oo cool! Mine's neros1234. I can end you a couple pets to get you started, if you want!

  3. This rocieteer game is awesome!!!

    1. Ur welcome

  4. My CS is HappyStorm... :3

    1. Awesome!!! I'll friend you!

  5. Yayyyyyyyy, I beat the snail-bob thingy! :D

    1. Yes, it's hard when you're trying it for the first time! After you play it a lot, though, it gets much easier.

  6. Wow! I beat the snail game. It was really fun! But, I had to repeat level 23 seven-teen times! wow.... Anyway great job on this blog!

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